Incredible things that can get you in jail in some countries


Going to jail is something that scares us all. We try to respect the law within reasonable limits, and we avoid breaking the rules if we can help it. However, we are blessed enough to live in a country that has good laws in place and where you know justice can protect you. But what about other countries where the law is sketchy or almost ridiculous from our point of view?

In this article, I try to break down the weirdest things that could get someone in trouble in different parts of the world. Not all of these places are underdeveloped countries, which might seem surprising to some of us. This proves that each culture has its own quirks and maybe it is a good idea to read about these things before going on a holiday to any of these destinations.

One thing that seems to be the rule in many predominantly Muslim countries is the dress code. If you don’t want unrequited attention, try to cover up and show as little skin as possible. If you are a woman and you show cleavage, especially if you are a local, it could get you into prison in Saudi Arabia. In other Arab countries like Iran, things don’t go that far, but you would still get a consistent fine that would be a burden to your wallet.

Traveling further down on our map to the country of Burundi, in East Africa, and we find another law that might be surprising to Americans or Europeans. But it is not that shocking if you take into consideration its recent history. In Burundi, it is illegal to jog in groups. The authorities consider it a possible uprising, as the country has a rich history full of turns of events. Even two people jogging together is regarded as a group, so be careful what you do when you visit the country.

Going back to Saudi Arabia, which seems to have plenty of rules us westerners don’t necessarily agree with, we discover that they have banned Valentine’s Day. They consider it to be a non-Muslim tradition, and that love should be directed towards God and not consumerism. This could get you jailed not only in this country, but also in Pakistan. Indonesia seems to head into the same direction, as it had plenty of rallies against the holiday in the last few years.

The last weird thing that could lock you up in prison is swearing. In the Australian states of Queensland and Victoria, cursing is considered a ‘summary offense’ and could get you locked up for up to seven months. And they seem to take this thing very seriously as fines are common, and cases that make it to court are not unheard of.


Surprising uses for ATVs

If you’re tired of your personal car or RV but still want a fast, cheap, and easy means of transportation on your own, a powerful ATV is always a good choice. These vehicles are quite easy to drive and you won’t require a special drivers license for it. All you have to do is choose a destination and make sure you stay safe at all costs.

But did you know you can use your personal ATV for a wide array of additional activities? Why exploit it only for when you’re driving to the beach or enjoying a ride into the woods with your friends at the end of the week? Read below and find out what other useful activities can be easily performed with the help of an ATV.


Snow Plowing

With winter just around the corner, you cannot risk being stuck in the house because there is too much snow on your street. And, while authorities may work to plow the snow on the major routes and streets, sometimes the vehicles won’t be able to get on every street. So why not take the matter into your own hands and start plowing the snow out of your yard like a true professional?

All you need is a small-sized snow plow attached to the front of your ATV and you’re ready for the ride. Why hurt your back and sweat while using a shovel when you can get rid of the snow like a pro?



If you planned a good old-fashioned hunting game in the upcoming weekend, there is no need to use outdated gear. ATVs are beginning to be more and more used in hunting games, both by professionals and amateurs. The reason why is that, instead of carrying the required gear and hunting tools in your backpack, you can easily use an ATV.

In addition, an ATV provides you with the right means of transportation to cover larger wood areas and hunt more animals or birds. They are even used for tracking and tracing larger animals like deer and bears. However, make sure to read your local legislation and see if ATVs are allowed for hunting or if they are outside the law. In many states, it is illegal to shoot or hunt game from a vehicle, so stay legal and safe.



No matter if you want to reach the top shelves of your garage or simply mount a larger piece of equipment, ATVs are the right small vehicles to help you out.

All you have to do is attach the right mounting tools or a simple universal mounting system and enjoy work in your backyard, garage or warehouse.

3 awesome camping locations in California


Camping in summer is fantastic almost anywhere to go, but if you want to hear right now about a dream destination, I can say California in a heartbeat, because this is what I think and what I feel. With so many camping locations around, the only trouble you may encounter is that you cannot pick one over another.

I will give you here three superb locations for camping, so you don’t have to fight indecision when it comes to planning your next trip to sunny California.

Pinnacles National Park

You will feel like you are traveling to a place that is out of this world when you go to this national park famous not only across California but the entire country as well. You will find it 80 miles away from San Jose, east from Salinas, and you can rest assured that it will be quite a hike to get there.

The effort is all worthy, though. The park is spread on rock formations created by erupting volcanoes millions of years ago. There is an organized campground where you can set your base, and you will find plenty of space for your RV and your tent.

Each place comes with its fire pit and a picnic table, which is cool. The campground has a swimming pool, and you will find a general store, as well, where you can buy necessities. One thing to keep in mind is that the campground is dog-friendly, but the hiking trails are not.

See the Sequoia trees in their dedicated national forest

You could not go to California and just skip seeing the old trees the state is famous for, among many other things. The Sequoia National Forest stretches over more than one million acres, and the elevation goes from 1,000 to 12,000 feet, offering you beautiful landscapes and many places to explore by foot.

You will find plenty of roadways to get your RV through and hundreds of miles of hiking trails. Another great thing about this destination is that it is also a place for the best RV campgrounds in California, as there are numerous camping sites here you can try.

San Diego beaches

Camping on the beach is a thing that Californians must have invented, and, even if this is not true, it is clear that one should not go to the sunny state and forego setting their base on the soft sand. San Diego is one of the preferred destinations since it is rich in beautiful beaches, and there are many spots to explore.

La Jolla, Carlsbad, and Coronado are a few places where you can find excellent camping sites. So, if you want to wake up with views of the ocean stretching before your eyes, this is the place to go.



3 tips for an amazing camping holiday


There’s no better time to take an amazing camping holiday than in the summer. With plenty of places to go and when time seems to slow down a bit, your camping holiday is definitely going to be another one for the books. That said, there are so many things to think about when pushing off to the great yonder to enjoy a wonderful time. Here are three tips that should help you spend the camping holiday in your RV with more than just photos to remind you how great it was.



Familiarize yourself thoroughly with your RV and all the other gear you intend to bring along

If you would rather not read more literature about RV driving and the rest of the gear that will make RV travels more pleasurable, then just go about practicing how to reverse your vehicle and setting up for camp. Unless you are able to smoothly back up your vehicle before you set up your tent, you could be hitting pedestrians, other RVs, or campground items by accident.

Although you could always ask for assistance from park staff, who have most likely gotten a lot of practice maneuvering vans, it pays to know pretty well how to execute a good vehicle reverse by yourself. Unless you already have a wireless backup camera in place with your GPS, being able to reverse your behemoth of a trailer can take a lot of skill, patience, and a hefty dose of courage as well.

Give yourself a pat on the back for every incident-free backing up performance. Not many people can claim they can do the same.

Give your camping gear a test so you know which ones need to be replaced or repaired and which ones are still not available and should be purchased before the camping holiday. It is best to know before you hit the road what is available to you should you need it, instead of having to head home because something is missing.

Make a thorough inspection of all the critical items you need such as camping stoves and lights and list down all the other things you need to bring along as well. You may not need one item in the beginning but when you are at camp, having it handy might be appreciated.


Safety on camping holidays

Storing a gas bottle indoors is never safe as the best area for such gear is a well-ventilated one outside and well away from ignitable materials. Always have a fire extinguisher in your motorhome or tent. When engaging in water sports activities, always have a life vest on.

Glow sticks can be placed in water bottles for some exciting night time bowling but they can also be given to children traveling with you for use at night so you instantly know their location, most especially when you are camped near the water.



Cleanliness in your RV and camp

A rubber doormat at the entrance to your tent or RV helps reduce the sand and dirt that get into the living area.

To keep from enticing curious nocturnal animals from venturing into your campsite, store food in coolers or containers outside the tent, with the zipper closed to keep insects out.

Oh, and don’t forget to write a memory on a rock you find in the campsite. It lets people know you enjoyed your stay so they can find out how to enjoy theirs too.